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September 9th, 2014 - You Might Be Surprised   Letter From The Filmmaker Wingman Briefing Room RSS
Official website for the movie Artemis Eternal, the first and ultimate ethically crowd-funded movie, offering production details and the opportunity to be involved in the evolution of filmmaking. Ready to ride? Hit begin to load the films flash map!

Welcome! 76% of visitors to this site contribute at least $1. Even just a penny gets you linked in, and moves us (with the added bonus of it being highly amusing to send pennies over Paypal).

- Ice (Queen) Bucket Challenge
- AstroTech Adventure
- Scifi Novel Coming Soon
- Watch a quick video:

(click here for YouTube video)

View Updated Project Notes
- Limited & Closing Soon: BAM!♥ Wingman Package
- More Dailies

To load the film's flash production map, click "BEGIN".

Taste previously untasted flavors -- no wimps!

E = hc/λ

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