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June 4th, 2015 - You Might Be Surprised   Letter From The Filmmaker Wingman Briefing Room RSS
Official website for the movie Artemis Eternal, the first and ultimate ethically crowd-funded movie, offering production details and the opportunity to be involved in the evolution of filmmaking. Ready to ride? Hit begin to load the film's flash map!

Cut to the chase: Fast contribute here.

Welcome! 76% of visitors to this site contribute at least $1. Even just a penny gets you linked in, and moves us (with the added bonus of it being highly amusing to send pennies over Paypal).

So come on in, take a look around, learn more about film, and consider what kind of entertainment you'd like to see more of. Fast questions can go to @JSto. Enjoy!

New: This speech by a famous scifi author highlights in a mere six minutes many of the values the Artemis Eternal production and movement stands for: Watch on YT.

- Visit to NASA Goddard!
- AstroTech Adventure
- Scifi Novel Coming Soon
- Watch a quick video:

(click here for YouTube video)

View Updated Project Notes
- Limited & Closing Soon: BAM!♥ Wingman Package
- More Dailies

To load the film's flash production map, click "BEGIN".

Taste previously untasted flavors -- no wimps!

E = hc/λ

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