Jessica Mae Stover here; filmmaker. Everything I create is live action fantasy/sci-fi. I develop these film ideas independently, meaning that the stories aren't based on TV shows or books or comics, video games, toys, or amusement rides. The work is original, written for screen and I own the copyright. I won't create Barbie-doll action figures or other useless plastic bits that end up in landfills: I want everything we do to be useful and inspired, you see. I suppose my message here—I know it is, as I go—it's that, well; forget everything you know about filmmaking.

After learning in depth how the system works I have decided to set it aside. I have decided not to put profit over people. If that means that in the long term I will continue to live an unextravagant lifestyle, then so it will be. I hope you do not require your adventures to be led by a team of Versace-clad Aristocrats. I mean, I don't even wear jewelry.

Because jewelry gets you robbed. (Even in a grave!)

And snags you up on fences when you are running away from villains.

We keep our jade on the inside.

Some of the challenges I face are these: Filmmaking is a complex and expensive undertaking because it is a technology-driven art form that requires a community of technical professionals in order to succeed; I am not independently wealthy; the current business model of the film industry defies logic; short films have no existing market and typically do not profit and are therefore social philanthropy; this website does not have a marketing budget and relies solely on Internet community support; and, most paradoxically, how do I share a magic trick with you without actually giving away the magic trick or sacrificing my philosophy as a filmmaker?

The latter is a hard line to walk, especially as I am a purist. Always in my mind is your experience in the theater. This journey explores those challenges and what it means to work completely independent with no middleman, from scratch, on a non-studio project.

Did you know that this web experience wasn't planned? Artemis Eternal Dot Com is the result of our remaining flexible to your feedback and my desire to (in the longer term) evolve a non-zero-sum model for film production, distribution and exhibition. I don't much believe in releasing "behind-the-scenes" content because I feel that it is my job to make it look easy, but the journey would be a lie if I pretended that any of this is easy so I have had to loosen up in that regard. Yes, that's right; we are incredibly good at our jobs and yet filmmaking remains difficult. In fact, the majority of established, household-name artists in this industry struggle to get work and funding.

Thus we maneuver differently by making a community-funded film. Coming along with us are the professional artisans on our team, support from companies like JetBlue and master merchants like Csaba Grozer, and like-minded community members including but not limited to: Movie fans, network executives, adventurers, eco-warriors, NASA workers, Mounties, moms, students, professional cheerleaders, filmmakers, recovering WoW players, White House interns, striking writers, kung-fu artists, freedom fighters and you.

At the moment we are a part of a free-running pack wherein no one owns anyone else and everyone chooses to be here - and to look, to focus, to dream, to act - in the same direction.

We aim to keep the journey simple, professional and amazing. Story is our focus. The excellence we require from others, we require from ourselves.

Sun-Tzu said, "To see victory only when it is within the ken of the common herd is not the acme of excellence." Artemis Eternal is a very, very neat secret that most people will pass by. Corporations will pat us on the head. Media outlets will ignore us. And why shouldn't they? We won't mind them, really: We've got our task clear, you see. All ends, good or bad, begin with a story. This is our story. You and me, the cast, the crew, my friends and family… We are all here together.

And so here it is: More than a project pitch or a dossier this is the plan made specifically for you, a piece of art in itself painted by the masterful hand of artist Greg Martin. In each choice we made while creating the site we scraped up every bit of time, assets and talent we had available and strove to represent the film professionally and thematically.

I am bringing the project with the best of my position and ethos to you for your consideration. We don't need you to do our jobs for us anymore than Michael Jordan needs you to shoot a free throw for him, but it is you who must guarantee our time on the court. And what good would it all be without you there on game day, too?

So forget everything you know about filmmaking, take a moment to examine your lifestyle and how much media and story you consume, think about what that means to you, give it all a moment.... And give it all up: All the years of marketing and E! News Live and red carpets and merchandizing and disappointing opening weekends and poor theater experiences. Give it up, walk with us and imagine the wider world that exists outside that conglomerate-controlled island.

This is the art of the possible.

If you've come this far, we must have something important in common. I could probably talk on to you about movies, mythology and all that I love for ages. It's best for me now, however, to wish you well into the map and our collective futures by challenging you to do that which you so admire in story: Take legend into your own life.

Your friend in film,

© 2003-2010 Jessica Mae StoverAll Rights Reserved