Like nearly everything else on this site, the following press links are hand chosen and programmed by me (Jess, filmmaker). A short description is given for each item. Clicking the link will take you directly to the Artemis Eternal coverage listed. This was developed primarily for press members who are new to the project, as well as non-Wingman Muggles.

The WINGMEN: Distortion - Professional high-def video shot independently and 100% volunteer, features Wingmen from LA & DC, Artemis cast and crew members and showcases much of the "what" and "why" of the project. [Vimeo Link] | [YouTube Link]

The One Ring dot Net - Electronic print interview about the similarities between The Lord of the Rings production story and community and that of Artemis Eternal.

Escapist Magazine - Gamer magazine branches out to cover Artemis, article titled: A New Way of Making Movies. This was an e-mail interview which makes for more in-depth answers.

Project Notes - PDF with notes on Artemis Eternal cast, crew and community.

Mahalo Daily (II) - Video segment featuring archery training (from our training field), Wingmen and a little about my bio (which was a surprise). Since meeting Leah at Comic-Con where she first interviewed me, we've become friends, so this was a lot of fun to shoot. I cannot say thank you enough to our Archery Masters at Easton Foundation.

Epic Fu (II) - Casual video interview about the mechanics of the project from the arts & culture perspective. They had mentioned us on a previous episode earlier in this season as well. I find EpicFu far more relevant than MTV News updates and such. You might, too. This episode also covers like-minded ideas of crowd-funding and making change.

Mahalo Daily - Live video interview from our booth at Comic-Con.

The Globe & Mail - Print article about Artemis Eternal from the media angle.

TechCrunch - Electronic print article about our online launch from the tech/business angle.

BoingBoing - Electronic print article about our online launch from the new media/community angle.

G4TV - Video from an Attack of the Show segment. Admittedly we'd like for G4 to visit the project from a more legit angle, sans airing a vlog wherein I appear to be 12.

SMCLA Film Panel - I sat on a panel about the intersection between film and social media and this is the uncut video. What quickly becomes apparent here is that there are no finished case studies on this subject so I refer to Artemis Eternal a great deal for demo. What is also clear is that nearly everone present is incapable of imagining an industry where content is not dependent on advertisers. At the time I found the level of status-quo acceptance offensive, which you'll see in one of the latter portions when I'm forced to take my coat off and put my foot down. It's a little funny.